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Waste Converter Machine 

Organic waste converters are machines that are used to convert organic waste such as vegetable waste, meat waste, bakery waste, leaves, fruits and fruit skins, and flowers into valuable compost that can be used for organic farming activities. Converters are commonly referred to as composters. Some of the converters can be used for treatment and recycling of both solid and liquid organic waste.

Converters are actually self-contained systems designed to perform a variety of functions such as waste segregation, shredding or crushing, filtering, dewatering, mixing, and curing. Due to the wide variety of functions available on converters, the technology has found application in diverse sectors of work that generate organic waste.

Residential Estates, Restaurants, Food Canteens, Shopping Malls, Educational Institutes, Municipal Corporations, Vegetable Markets, Fish Markets, Military Bases, Naval Bases, and Temples are among the beneficiaries of the organic waste converter technology.

Waste Converter Machine manufacturer in kitui Kenya

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